Our products

Design of formulations adjusted to our customers’ necessities

Different formulations based on different types of rubber (NR; NBR; CR; SBR; EPDM; etc) depending on the destination sector (construction, car, machinery) or our customers’ necessities

Presentation of our products

General presentation


Adjusted to every single customer.

Presentation: pallets, boxes or containers, slabs, sheets, festoons, strips, extruded, rolled and with non-stick powder, liquid or plastic.
Rubber compounds on wooden, plastic or metallic pallets
Base protected with a plastic sheet. Compound protected by a shrink-wrapped plastic cover.
Labelled externally with barcode

Presentation types


Granulated formats


Grooved foil slabs (with or without non-stick)


Rolled compounds


Continuous strips from 40mm to 700mm thick

Special presentations

Different types of compounds: calendered, extruded, granulated…
Calendered compounds without non-stick from 0.05mm to 15mm thick. Calendered from 0.1cm to 1metre wide.